My favorite hobby

Did you guess correctly?? Shopping, of course!!

Yesterday I didn’t get to all the places on my list but I did make it to Anthropologie in Pasadena. I am beginning to not like that one, they never, ever have what I’m looking for in stock. The Beverly Hills store would have had what I wanted, we’ll go on Sunday.

Tin Roof Switchplates

Yesterday I started off buying 12 tickets at Arclight so all my friends can sit together for Sucker Punch. Since I was up early I decided to run some errands. I had to return the shower curtain liner at Bed, Bath & Beyond since the one we bought was too narrow. I picked up a new toilet seat and I found this bird hook for the bathroom door.

Not bad for $10 bucks, Antz needs to spray paint it, of course


This is the hook I wanted from Urban for $16 plus $10 shipping, no deal.
I am still considering this owl bank “Rosa” but that depends on what we find when we go to Wacko’s. Urban bummed me out because the Buddha lamp and my sewing machine were only available online but they placed the order for me over the phone and waived my shipping fee. I even got this cute comforter on sale for $69.
I went to Paper Source for find pretty paper to line the medicine cabinet with.
I was happy to see that they were donating 10% of all sales to Japan.

Paper Source is one of those overwhelmingly lovely stores. It’s so difficult to choose from all the prettiness but this Japanese floral print won me over. I also couldn’t resist this adorable bird frame which will go on the top shelf over the mirror.
I had to return some things at Target and I found these rugs
I really want a new 4 x 6 rug for the bedroom. These are pretty good contenders and they are on sale. They look plush and I like the mum print but I have to see what Antz thinks.
Last night Evelyn & Dion bebesat for us while we met our friends and saw Sucker Punch. It wasn’t the most clever story but the makeup was impeccable *all the chicks had stellar false eyelashes* and I almost pissed myself when they played Björk like 20 times!!! I was entertained but I did roll my eyes at the overly ridiculous CG and lame script *what did I expect from Zach Snyder*
Tomorrow we are going to Wacko’s with Aimee to find some goodies. Antz installed the faucet *after 2 frustrating hours* and he’s still trying to figure out the new shower shelves.

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