Design Star

Well, maybe not but my dearest thinks I could design for the stars. Last night we didn’t even get started until after 9pm because Antz has been working late all week *I’ll explain later* so the poor thing has had no rest all week. I painted the trim but I was so tired I didn’t do that great of a job. Antz patched up the gray paint and installed the toilet *imagine the sky looking celestial with sun beaming down over our toilet* I never was so happy to have a lousy toilet! I went to bed with a smile on my face but Antz stayed up until 3am installing the vanity and building the storage cabinet. When I first saw the room put together, I was overall pleased but the new sink looked tiny but now that I’ve lived with it for a few hours, it makes the room look bigger. The knobs are my favorite part of the room.

The bathroom neon green before *yesh, we conscientiously chose that wall color*
I’ll miss our Johnathan Adler Seven Deadly Sins Shower Curtain *we are saving it for our next house*

We put up twinkle lights for our Halloween party and they have stayed ever since. I am seriously afraid of the dark so I have nightlights in every room of the house but the little nightlight in the bathroom wasn’t enough for me in the middle of the night. Later I’ll show you the nightlight replacement.

Neon green, orange and white was our old palette to match the shower curtain. It honestly seemed like a good idea at the time. I loved how the colors went well with the Antz artwork.
And now the bathroom has a new attitude!!
Hello taller, elongated low flush toilet, love your fancy flush button on the top!

The new vanity and storage cabinet, I was concerned it would feel cramped in there but it’s much more roomy than what we previously had.

Antz calls this open house chic. Sorry, I tried several times to get a shot of everything but it’s impossible.

The floor doesn’t look too shabby, eh? Just wait until we install the white subway tile and a new bathtub.

The knobs are so adorable, love them!!
Say hello to our new friend, Orchy…she’s purple and she needs a new planter *snagged her from Home Depot, I am hoping I don’t kill her*

Antz just made this lovely Before & After

So the room is about 75% finished, we still need to add towel hooks, some knick knacks, an electrical outlet cover and the lamp. I am going shopping today.
Looking at these from Pottery Barn

This is the lamp I want from Urban Outfitters
We like these towel hooks for behind the door but it’s only available online and I don’t want to pay $10 shipping. Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to buy my sewing machine to get free shipping *devious!*

*it’s on sale for $99!!*
I need a new planter from Anthropologie for Orchy.

I am loving this pot, it’s the perfect size and look at the price!! I have never seen anything under $10 there before. I am keeping my fingers crossed it has enough holes in it since that lady at Home Depot said if I change pots it needs holes and only water once a week.
I like this for the electrical outlet cover.
I am also going to Target for a few things *more towels* and maybe a frame for the Keep Calm poster. There’s a space next to the mirror that we may add some artwork or a print.
So there you have it…our newly designed LOO! Speaking of Loo, Antz promised me he’d make me a sign to hang on the doorknob…Babe??
All should be complete by Friday just like I planned, Evelyn & Dion will enjoy a new bathroom while they bebesit Liv, YAY!!

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