Happy Happy 500th Post!!!

Since I couldn’t find anything else that wasn’t related to the Indy 500 here is my random photo in celebration of my 500th post.

This soundtrack is pretty rad by the way!!
So I have babbled my annoying mouth 500 times and it seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 400th post *Golly, I sure talk alot*
Here are a few of my Favourite Things
Because I have them and they are AMAZING!!

This guy always cracks me up. If I was reincarnated as a cat, I wanna be this guy.

Normally I can’t stand black tips *as the curazzy bitches on Bridezilla calls them* but these are fiercely chic. I need to find a matte polish in black for my next manicure.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….How in the hell am I gonna find this treasure??!!
My last favorite thing is a place…SEW LA. I want to go to there and take all the sewing lessons. The fabric looks stellar but will make my wallet cry.
If we have time tomorrow, maybe Aimee and I can stop by and take a peek.

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