Sew Rad!

Awww yesh! Monday I picked up my Mommy-in-law, Maria so we could go fabric shopping and give me my first sewing lesson. The plan was to make Liv a T-shirt dress using my Golden Girls tee.

Prudent Baby *I adore this blog*


Easy T-shirt dress
That was the plan, then Maria measured Olivia’s tiny frame to discover that my size large *yep, I’m a giant* would make the stitch go right across the Golden Gals faces. GONG! The tee is much too large for her so I nixed that idea and decided to try to make a pillowcase. I had tons of felt material so I wanted to try to make this personalized pillowcase.
Then I realized that would be too much of an undertaking for my first lesson so we settled on recreating the Karen Hilton Union Jack Pillow I’ve been wanting from Etsy for years!
I didn’t have the colors I wanted to use but since it’s my practice, I used what I had.
Antz kindly made a template and cut the fabric for me while I practiced stitching. The machine is very simple to use, it’s practically foolproof. Maria helped me pin the Union Jack in place and set up the machine.


It was nerve-racking trying to keep my stitch straight, once I got going I would veer to the right for some reason. Needless to say, I had to remove the seam several times to re-stitch.
The pillowcase took close to 4 hours to finish! I was moving a snails pace and finishing off the corners was tricky. I wouldn’t have finished without Maria’s expertise. Okay, please don’t laugh…


We did an envelope pocket so I can take the pillow out. It’s lower than I wanted but I don’t mind so much.


While I was practicing, I attempted to make Liv a felt tiara but Antz thought it was superhero pants instead. They actually work better that way. Next I have to make her cape.
Next on my wishlist is the famous pillowcase dress which is on my Life List and I would LOVE to make this lovely dress to wear this summer.
Maria thinks we should be able to do these with no problem. She made all her stepdaughter’s prom dresses in the 70’s so the skirt has the same style. Merci beaucoup Mommy Maria for giving me my first lesson. I am already getting requests from Aimee to make curtains for her apartment!

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