I’ve got the Golden Ticket!

Yesterday on a whim, I played lotto since I needed change to pay my gardener. I always play my same numbers, 6 for June the month Liv and Antz was born, 18 the day of our wedding anniversary, 20 is the day of my birth, 24 is my Mom’s birthday, 27 is Antz and his Mom’s birthday and 8 is always the mega, it’s our lucky number and represents August the month of our wedding. Then I usually play a quick pick as a back up. I play maybe once every 3 or 4 months, and the most I’ve won has been $7. This morning I checked the winning numbers not expecting much when my heart started palpitating…I saw 3 of my regular numbers and the mega was 8!! I was sure I just won a cool grand but I saw my prize was $50. Yippee!!

Sounds like it’s pedicure time for Mommy.

I talked to my Mom on the phone for almost 4 hours this morning. We were discussing everything from travel plans, our plans for the future, Liv’s school, politics and me selling my house in this economy. We both want to go to Hawaii *neither of us can believe that with our combined travel, we’ve never been* but I really want to go next August for our 10 year anniversary #15 however, I have so much going on financially…

I need a minimum of $10k to remodel the kitchen next March.

Liv starts nursery school in Spring so we have tuition to pay as well as dance classes/music lessons and any fun weekend events. Then there’s saving for the new house, my goal is to have $20k saved by 2015, I have to stick to a strict budget to meet this goal. And my good friend is getting married in 2012 too! Hawaii is not cheap. My dream vacay would be to stay at the new Disney resort Aulani but I am certain the room rates will be astronomical. I checked out Celebrity cruises to Hawaii and that’s well over how much I want to spend. My problem is I want to travel 5 star on a 2 star budget. I really need to go to Vegas and play some roulette!!

Yikes, this was the only photo I could find of me in a casino…this must be in the late nineties and my tackiness is at an all-time high!!
I just got my saltwater sandals in the mail today… I know I am a total copycat of Liv’s style!!
*see, I do need a pedicure!!*
Love them!!!

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