Weekend Roundup

Seriously, I have about 10 minutes to post the weekend shenanigans because we are going to the fabric store so I can start making Livs wings and then to CVS to print some photos. We are working on Liv’s first year book, her bebe book, and her first year video *which is stumping us because we know zero about video editing* Friday night Antz came home early *YAY* and after dinner we went for a walk at the Santa Monica pier. Normally, I am not a fan of such a touristy spot but it was nice to be by the beach and I can’t say no to carnival food *I bought the yummiest fresh made cotton candy ever*. Antz wanted to play a carnival game for $3 and I warned him, alright you BETTER win!! When he threw his first ball he accidentally knocked down the guardrail which ended up knocking down 3 of the clowns!! With one ball he won the largest prize which happened to be…

Way to go Antzy!!

This pic is blurry because I was jumping up and down when he won!!

Liv loves her Muno doll!

Saturday we met Liv’s BFF, Charlotte and her folks at our favorite park in Pasadena.

Liv was super close to walking but not yet.
We had a blast hanging with Cobb & Jen. Can’t wait for the girls to get together again!
After that we went to Stephen & Leslie’s so Liv could hang with her Godparents
Then we picked up my Mom *she was in town at her apartments* and we went to Joe’s Crab Shack for a Pre-Mothers Day crab feast.

This is my favorite photo of Liv & her Grammy

I meant crab business!!

Two words: FUCKIN’ YUM!
So that brings us up to today. We spent most of the morning working on Liv’s Bebe book, I have completely watsted 2 hours trying to put together Liv’s 1st Year on Shutterfly. I suppose you need a PhD to figure out how to put a book together but I have been trying to upload over 100 photos so maybe my dumb laptop is lagging. BOLLOCKS!! Anyway, we’re off to buy fabric and have lunch at our fave pizza spot Hard Times.
Later Skaters!!

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