Happy May Day!!

So after throwing my hands up trying to upload photos to make our Shutterfly photobook we ran a bunch of errands. Stop one was CVS to print out some pictures for Liz’s bebe book. They don’t sell Sunday papers so we went to a local grocery store and I scored my coupons!! Nearly everything on my Target list now has a coupon so I am super happy. Next we grabbed pizza from our favorite place in Silverlake. We stopped by an Open House at a new store called Atwater Village Farm. They were giving out yummy samples and I signed up for events. We had to hurry over downtown since everything closes early on Sunday and at first I was worried all the fabric district was closed but we found a ton places that were still open. At first I was discouraged because I wanted to buy less than a yard since I won’t need that much material for the wings but every place said I had to buy a minimum of 1 yard and most of the fabric was $4.99 per yard. I wanted at least 12 different colors like the photos

She has 13 layers on hers and I wanted to stay as close to her color palette as possible. So after a few lame stores, a guy helping us whispered for us to go around the corner and we’ll find a much more affordable spot. Ummm, yesh please!

Now I’ve always had my doubts when shopping on the Eastside of downtown. There is a clear line between camp and tacky and I was worried I would find shitty prints and gross fabric but I found the most adorable fabrics at the giant store. They were closing when we got there so they had to push us out the door but everything was looking FABulous. I could see going there to buy fabric to reupholster chairs and couches for our next house. I also LOVE the colors I bought *a steal at $1.99 per yard* I bought 12 different colors and I’m keeping it a secret until I finish the project *in case it turns out lame*
So we came home and vegged out but by nightfall Antz felt like taking an evening stroll so we tried a new route in Los Feliz Village and came upon this treasure

Spitfire Girl

It was total happenstance that we were walking by this shop and we saw it was the only place open. We popped in when my jaw hit the floor. It was basically a miniature Anthropologie meshed with Oscura from Oddities. Translation: REALLY FUCKING COOL! I literally wanted to buy everything I saw. They had the Owl umbrella stand I’ve had on my wishlist forever, really lovely Victorian pieces and artwork. I want it ALL!! These were the only pictures I was able to snap because I was so busy drooling over everything. Wouldn’t fate have it that I left my wallet in the car…Aimee & I will have to go next week!!

Aimee has been wanting a terrarium for her new place…

The shop owner *I’m guessing, not quite sure* is in this pic, is mega rad, they had taxidermy pieces that were both creepy in a Hitchcock way and also interesting in a nerdy way. Okay, I got to go…David Gerken *my CNN crush*  is on.
I leave you with Obamapimp!!

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