I got CRABS!!

Let me issue this warning: if you get grossed out easily, you may want to skip this post. Thursday I had my regular date with Aimee. We picked up Antz and went to Joe’s crab shack for his belated birthday dinner. All day the 3 of us were anticipating buttery crab dinner but around 3pm at Target I did something very foolish. I was starving and I knew I couldn’t wait until Antz got off work at 6:30 plus the 45 minute drive from our house to Redondo Beach so I decided a little nosh at the Target snack bar would tide me over until dinner. I picked a premade mini pizza and a slushie *reminder, I eat as Aimee calls it, carnival food* so when we got to Joe’s at 8 I was starving again.

We pigged out on our steampots and all was well until I got to my last king crab leg and all of a sudden the room began to get dark. Now, I was certainly eating with….gusto, but I wasn’t eating too fast or anything. I began to sweat like I was sitting in a sauna. I told Antz I had to lay down and the bench next to our table was the spot I choose *despite his pleading* I laid down and it just made the room spin. I never felt so light-headed, I kept saying I’m gonna faint! Antz tried to calm me down and Aimee got the manager but I was feeling weirder and weirder by the second. The manager put a cold towel on my neck and forced me out on the patio although I was convinced I was going to faint before I could stand up. I ran to the nearest table and sprawled out. Aimee was explaining my horrible lunch to the staff when I knew what was going to happen…it was inevitable and mortifying. I, I’ll put this as delicately as I can, tossed my cookies in the bucket in the middle of the table. I mean, violently upchucked my entire meal. You could have stuffed all the crab in that bucket in my empty shells and served it. It was awful. However, after I managed to swallow *barf spit is the worst* and wiped off the…ahem, excess coming out of my nose *barf would have come out of my eye sockets if it wanted to* Aimee escorted me to the bathroom which was of course all the way across the restaurant. I felt every person in there eye’s bore into my barf breathed face. I tried to clean up *as much as possible in a public restroom* and my skin was pale and vampire-esque *not a good look* and I must have apologized to the manager and our waitress a thousand times. They kept reassuring me that it happens, they said it was fine and they even took my dinner off of our check but I didn’t know that until we were in the car. I felt so bad. Seafood is my favorite but I’m definitely giving it a rest for a long time. Aimee and Antz made me laugh until I cried driving home re-enacting the BarfLizza incident. When I got home I wrote the kindest comment to Joe’s corporate office about how compassionately the staff handled me throwing up my organs.


So as I said Friday we went to the beach. SO MUCH FUN!! The weather was perfect and even though 50% of Los Angeles was at the beach, it didn’t feel that crowded. The sand was ridiculously hot, like scalding but the water was super cold. Liv had a blast, her dad buried her in the sand and I caught up on my magazines and got a pretty rad tan. We met Story & Chris for dinner at PF Changs *yummy* and we had a lovely evening. I left the camera in Olivia’s diaper bag, which is in my car, so I’ll post the rest of the photos later. I took these with my phone.

 *eww, please ignore my chunky monkey leg*

We’re headed out for dinner, hope your enjoying the long weekend lovelies…any big 4th plans?

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