Whiny Wednesday

Today I made an unscheduled trip to Target. I was hoping Mindy Kaling’s new book was available *it wasn’t* and pick up more materials for our Etsy Chalkboard signs. I didn’t even think to search the Missoni for Target realm but I happened to bump into a woman at the Target price checker thingy who was fumbling with a giant Missoni ottoman. She also had this lovely Missoni bedding set.

I was shocked! There was still merchandise in stock at my local Target? I had to ask if she happened to see anything else. She said she found the stuff buried under the furniture dept. I mentioned in passing how I’ve been on the hunt for the Missoni rain boots for Liv. She said Oh I saw a pair in the shoe section. I drove like a crazy person over there and saw an abundance of Missoni shoes varying from adult heels to children’s ballet flats. I tried every pair of the flats on Liv but they were either too small or too large. I saw the one pair of rain boots for kids and put them in my cart.

They are a little big but with socks on by the time it gets cold here, she’ll be ready! They even had a pair in adult size 9 but they look like someone returned them *after wearing them* and I couldn’t squeeze my size 10 in them no matter how much I sucked in. I’m just glad Liv now has this whole set…if only I can find the hat and gloves.

I would die if I found these on clearance

 Chevron Blanket
These gorgeous candles were only $7.99 each!! For that price, I don’t care what they smell like!

Tonight is one of those nights you are ready to get over soon. I am sick as a dog! At first Liv and Antz were feeling the brunt of it but now I’ve gotten the worst of it. I know I picked something up at Kidspace or Ikea. Don’t you wanna be like “REALLY?!” when someone coughs or sneezes an enormous snot cloud of germs like an inch from your space at a public place? I had that happen several times and I was giving side-eyes like free iPads. I do not understand the audacity of people. So I’m on my deathbed, yearning for NyQuil like you won’t believe and Olivia has chosen tonight to act out like a coke-bringe, Red Bull Vodka *that you swear is water* night at the Chateau Marmont with Lindsay Hohan. She is not at all sympathetic to my aching head, or my itchy eyes and constant dripping nose. I want to sleep but when I lay down she tests out her best Hulk Hogan pile driver moves on me. She actually knocked her head into mine hard enough that I cried. She found it hilarious. So this is what my week has been like. No I didn’t work on her costume. Yes I feel guilty about my blatant procrastination. Sorry for the Debbie Downer ‘tude.

Stay healthy!
Get your flu shot!
Spay and neuter your pets!

Later Haters * not you lovelies, all the other haters!*

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