Mi-Mi-Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 12

Well, today is a great day for some tunes. It’s been awhile but I am dedicating this playlist to my primas magnifico, Evelyn & Dion way deep down in Paraguay. Miss you guys and love you lots!

Let’s begin…

Everyone knows how badass Nick Cave rocks, but little know of this underrated soundtrack. I featured Another Rather Lovely Thing on my rainy day mixtape but I had to post another awesome song.  The score made me fall in love this movie. I play this in Olivia’s nursery often, it’s so ereathral and lovely.

“A Song for Jesse” The Assassination of Jesse James from that Coward Robert Ford Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

While were on the topic of soundtracks, I discovered this on the telly but have actually never seen the film. Before bed, Antz and I like to listen to the Cinema Soundtracks channel on Directv to put us to bed. Most of the time it’s hard to sleep through the Ghostbusters song but we do enjoy hearing John Williams tunes or Yann Tiersen’s Amelie score. Out of nowhere we heard this song and I instantly loved it. I did a little research and discovered it’s a medley from a Fellini film Fellini’s Casanova. It’s a weird song because there are so many different aspects to it. Dreamy, romantic, circus-y, playful, somber, intense and sinister. Sadly the version I adore is not available on youtube but you can hear a sample of it on Amazon track #15. Here is the trailer for the film where you can get an idea of how brilliant the song is, and how rad Nino Rota is.

“Il Casanova di Federico Fellini” Trailer from the film Nino Rota

Watching this clip makes me want to watch the movie…Italians!

Okay, now let’s get rocking…You may recall my new found adoration of Mumford & Sons distinct folk rock sound. Now it’s all about the Avett Brothers!! I am digging the Appalachian hipster folk vibe. Scruffy breads, dirty long hair, dressy old-timey vests and bluegrass is sexy.

“Kick Heart Drum” The Avett Brothers

Nancy Sinatra is gangsta. She set it off with Bang Bang He Shot Me Down featured in Kill Bill Vol. 1, then she put on her boots and started walking. I love her! I was super stoked to find her immortalized in the French language in this stellar compilation album of 60’s cover songs. Download the entire album on itunes, Paint it Black and Happy Together are worth it alone!

“Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher”  Pop a Paris – Rock N’ Roll and Mini Skirts Vol.1 *Nancy Sinatra Cover*

The next song is AWETASTIC! I fell in love with Seu Jorge’s voice in one of my all-time favorite movies The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. In the film he plays covers of David Bowie *heart* songs in Portuguese!! Sensing a theme here? I like covers but I LOVE covers in foreign languages!! It was hard to choose a favorite because they all rock but this one is the M-E-R-D-E!! E&D: Sorry, The Life Aquatic is not available on instant streaming Netflix but you need to see this movie.

“Changes” Seu Jorge *David Bowie Cover*

Today’s Björk song of the week is a shout out to Mrs. Evelyn Cook *and also the BFF Aimee, we’ve missed our last 2 dates BOO*. I MISS YOU!! One of her very best videos. YAY

“I Miss You” Björk

In honor of Tom Waits new album dropping on the 17th, let’s rock out to this live amazing performance of Rain Dogs in PARIS *yeah, I’m jealous* I MUST see Tom live soon. I seriously get chills when I hear him sing…in an awesome way.

“Rain Dogs” Tom Waits

This last song is special because my newly wedded friends Carlos & Stephanie played it during their incredible wedding. I have been playing it out but it’s a cover *and I love me some covers* that is too genius for words. This song I dedicate to Dion, for obvious reasons. 

“Hey Ya” Ortopilot *Outkast Cover*

Bonus…I LOVE this video…like, to the MAXXX!!!

Te Amo Primos, tome el cuidado!

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