My Black Friday

So far, so awesome. I did my Anthropologie shopping online at 3am but I decided to venture out into Crazyland this morning. I really wanted the Dotty Little Frock for Liv so I went to the Americana at 7am. It wasn’t so bad. About half the store were open. I saw people lining up for some stores that were opening at 8am. Anthro was pretty packed, I was worried all the kids clothes were gone but there were a few pieces left.

Dotty Little Frock

Flitter And Flutter Dress        

I was going to get them both but I noticed the Flitter dress had a snag in the thread that went all the way through the shoulder. I couldn’t lose my place in the 30 minute line that wrapped around the store so I only got the Dotty Frock. I considered getting these ballet flats but I wasn’t in love with the color and they felt a little tight.

Trinket Flat

For a second, I almost bought this guy

Sudsy Glass Strand

Wow, I was rocking a Bitch Please face but I was super sleepy. I literally had to tell myself no shopping for me! However, I entered a raffle they are holding this afternoon so fingers crossed I win a gift certificate. I browsed a few other stores *Urban and Sephora* but didn’t see anything worth the long lines.

Since I was out so early I went to Best Buy *not as apocalyptic as I expected* to see if the in-store price was better than their online prices. Big fat NO!! Last week I checked the Mac Air I want and it was on sale for $1,099.99. I didn’t buy it then because I was pretty certain the Black Friday price would be lower. This morning when I checked online it was $1,234.99. Umm, lame! In store guess how much…? $1,234.99! No thanks. I’ll wait until Cyber Monday and see if they come to their senses. The good news is they are available in store so I can order online and pick everything up the same day. The only things on sale were the Apple TV *a huge $10 off* and I’m not sure I’ll even need it. They did have ipad stylus pens for $4.99 and due to Livzilla chewing off the tips of both of our stylus pens, I picked up a new one. I’ll replace Antz Bamboo stylus when I get my reward certificates for buying my Mac. The Apple store is also having a sale but Best Buy has their prices beat and I like their Geek Squad warranty better than Applecare *those dudes at the Genuis bar behave like Douchebags*. I’m still waiting to get the rug, owl lamp, pillows and Liv’s Amazon and Ikea stuff on Monday. We are lazing around the house today.

I did get inspired waiting in line at Anthro when I saw this garland *for $38 bucks*


so I whipped together this guy using leftover felt scraps.

Hopefully we’ll take our Christmas card photo this weekend. Antz is still on the hunt for our side table. We may go to the new Hollywood West Elm this weekend to see if the Owl lamp is on sale.

Happy Turkey Leftovers!!

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