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This post is an extra special Christma-Hannu-kwanzah post brought to you by my first official guest blogger, Aimee. Yes, the BFF is here and taking over this joint with some of her Faves of all-time *don’t be surprised if we share most of these but we occupy the same brain*

Guest Starring, the infamous BFF!!

So Aimee, tell us your most favoritest things ever!

Hi everyone!This is the very first time that I am blogging(besides THE FACEBOOK)on my own,so here it goes…My Lizzy is correct..we do,in fact,share the same brainwaves&do enjoy most of the same things;although I am a bit more bohemian&eccentric than Lizzy is.Sometimes,it is a bit strange though!Before my Goddaughter was born,I made a trip to Baby Gap and bought a TON of clothes,only to find that my Lizzy had just purchased ALL OF THE SAME DAMN STUFF! I told her to take the crap back&get different stuff.I am really the only person the bff trusts to go off on my own&go clothes shopping for Liv,as I know my bff like the back of my hand…

Anyway,without further adieu, here’s my shit list!!!!!

  Ok, I NEVER LEAVE MY HOUSE WITHOUT A FULL FACE…&I am NOT joking.I walk out to get my coffee in the morning-FULL FACE.Walk to the little bodega on my corner-FULL FACE…I really enjoy my the whole ritual of putting it on.Nars Super Orgasm is INSANE!This crap has glitter in it!OMG!The color is universal&works on everyone! FANTASTIC! Loves it!!!!!!Super flattering.

Nars Super Orgasm
Check out the glittery goodness

  I love me some bitches with tattoos…I think it is not only are they super sexy;having them is,in my opinion, SUPER BALLSY!I’ve lost count on how many I have acquired over the years,but,I am currently working on my sleeve…I also think that they are some sort of right of passage.I am going to be 37 years old next year,and sat on the idea of getting a sleeve for ages.I finally said,”FUCK IT!I’M 36!Who gives a darn?(er-my Mom)…a few of my most beautiful&close girlfriends are FOR REAL tatted down!Really just stunning to me…

My good friend Evan’s gorge sleeve
She has magnolia’s because she’s a Southern Belle
Me & Evan share the same tattoo in different places
Love her back, it’s a ship, she’s an art historian.
My friend MJ’s tats
More MJ, she’s so beautiful
MJ’s a photographer and I’m going to commission her to take photos of me when my sleeve is complete

#3.16 CANDLES-
   I LOVE THIS MOVIE!Me and Lizzy can recite this entire movie-word for word,’cuz we are dorks!Samantha Baker is my hero!She’s kind of just a regular girl(like me).Not popular or unpopular,but,she is just so funny and cool and pines over Jake Ryan.Wow!Was he just the cutest?Story of my life…&I am NOT in high school anymore…

The girl in the hat is just so….Vogue

#4.Michael K-Dlisted
   Lizzy turned me on to this guy!He is OUTRAGEOUSLY funny,and talks like me and Lizzy.I read his blog everyday.He clowns like not other!OMG!He is so damn cute,too!If this boy was straight,I would hunt him down and make him be my boyfriend!He is so cute!I love that guy!

He’s Cuuuuutttteeeee!
*Lizzie note: This boy is yummyful…he needs to be our gay boyfriend*

Um…What’s not to like?I love ALL sushi!The crazier,the better…yummers!I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life and never get sick of it…Breakfast,lunch&dinner!mmmmmmm!


   #6.Being a Parent/Godparent
    Ok…I was a very young mother.I had my son when I was 20.It was both the hardest and best thing that I have ever done in my whole life.I traded my 20’s for parenthood,and do not regret a minute of it!My son is the best person I know and has the best heart&kindest soul(I know,every parent says that about their kid)!We had the best time together when he was little(he now lives with his dad),and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.He is a teenager now,so,we don’t see eye-to-eye as much anymore.But,he is a really wonderful kid.Being a Godparent is THE greatest gift my bff has bestowed upon me.She asked me to be Liv’s Godparent during a really hard time in my life.This made my WHOLE world change forever!I am now partially responsible for this lovely little jewel-FOREVER!Liv is the funniest toddler I have ever met!I always tell Lizzy,”Liv is one of us!”She is beautiful and wonderful and smart.I so happy to be part of her family and life forever.I take being a Godparent EXTREMELY seriously.

  This man was THE shit!The Catcher In The Rye was/is my favorite book-EVER!Come on!I named my son after Holden Caufield!I would have married J.D. Salinger…so smart!

This is my man for LIFE!!

#8.Nancy Grace-
This lady RULES!I am ALWAYS tuned into HLN(I know,I am a dork)!I know that I do not in any way fit the usual profile for her viewers-i.e.,I don’t live in the Bible Belt and I am not a Republican.However,I love Nancy because she is so smart and tells people off like a mofo.I love her southern accent and she fights for missing women and children and all of the fallen soldiers that have died in that endless and meaningless war.

She is the BEST EVER!!
Oh shit, she’s about to go off!

*Lizzie note: For reals, she watched every second of the Tot Mom trial*

#9.Venice, Ca-
I live in V-town(A.K.A.Dogtown)…It is a mix of artists, homeless, professionals, skateboarders, surfers, quasi/hippies, and yuppies raising families.I really love living there.I am a transplant(an ex lived in Venice and I just made my life there), even though I used to ditch school in 8th grade and hang all day!I live in the RADDEST place ever. My building is 100 years old and Jim Morrison, Mae West lived there and was owned Laurel & Hardy. I even have an original clawfoot tub and a trundle bed.

It is a Muthafucking FREAKSHOW!!!
Of all the places I’ve lived this one is my absolute fave!

#10.Women with short hair-
I have had either almost shoulder length hair,to a very short and cropped pixie cut my whole adult life.I love the freedom of having short hair.It’s super easy and I need to be really creative to stay super feminine,which is really fun!One of my favorite blogs is: FUCK YEAH-GIRLS WITH SHORT HAIR!I love it,because all the women are really edgy and hot and the photos are GORGE!Right now,my muses are Emma Watson and Jean Seaberg!I love them!

 *Lizzie note: I think Aimee looks most lovely with her short locks, she has a face to pull off a pixie cut and still look girly*

#11.My Girlfriends-
Firstly, My Lizzy is the SHIT!She is Lucy to my Ethel,Janet Wood to my Chrissy Snow,Thelma to my Louise,Rob to my Big…I can go on for ages…no doubt,she is TOPS and she KNOWS this!But,outside of my Lizzy,I have a small group of ladies that mean the world to me…we are a tribe&support each other in every aspect of life-even if we don’t always agree on things!LOVE MY GIRLS!

I have been to Europe three times in my life!FANTASTIC!I have been to Italy,Spain(the BEST FOOD EVER!),France(MY FAVORITE PLACE ON THE PLANET),and England.I really thought that I would end up with a hot European man…so sophisticated and worldly and yummy!ME LIKEY!!!

#13. Urban Outfitters-
I love this joint!OMG!I shop there like a MOTHERFUCKER,and I am NOT playing!I have mostly been shopping online,though,because the sales online are cray-cray!Plus-anything over $50 is free shipping,and I LOOOOOOVE getting packages in the mail!WEEEEE!

I cannot stay away from the stuff.I need it to start my day…or I cannot function!I also have my whole routine in the morning where I put on my full face,do my hair,pick out my coffee outfit for 45 minutes&walk to Starbucks,turn around and walk to work…I drink a Venti Vanilla Americano every day of my life…

I would do this if I could

ALRIGHTY!This is my shit list…I hope you guys have enjoyed all my junk!Maybe you will see me again on here?hmmmm…XO!-Aimee

*Lizzie note: Thanks babe, and yes, you will!!*

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