April in Paris

Such a lovely song.

Ideally, I want to spend my 37th birthday in Paris. However, March is a cold month for Europe and Lizzie does not like cold weather. I have been playing around on my wardrobe mood board

I own about 50% of the mood board so I have some shopping to get done. I don’t see rainboots, heavy coats and sweaters fitting in my wardrobe or little suitcase. Then I’m trying to squeeze in a day in Finland to visit my friend, so I’m sure it will be chilly there. I may even have to borrow one of Antz enormous Swiss Army suitcases *that aren’t so cute* cause I packed for 3 days when we went to the W Westwood and it was pretty full. I am trying so hard to go minimalist but I like to have options. My goal first was comfort and then style. I know rain is inevitable during the spring so I am hoping some flat boots will suffice. I admit, it may seem cray cray to plan out all my outfits in advance but it helps me visualize how much luggage I’ll be taking and deal with potential issues. For example, I would love to get the Upwardly Mobile Satchel for my computer and accessories.

Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Red

Yet, I also need a bag for my camera and I’m torn between using this adorable backpack that will be easy to carry, light and multifuntional

Backpack in the Day

but this camera bag is killing it.

Theit Bossi Bag


As rad as this bag may be, it doesn’t seem very practical, BOO! I can only check one bag and one carry on so I need a bag that is large enough to hold all my junk plus any of Liv’s stuff and souvenirs on the flight back. I will die if any of my wishlist stuff sells out before I can buy them. I am really thinking of going for the backpack cause it’s just too adorable and practical. You’re with me, right?

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