This weekend we went to the Skirball Cultural Center with my Mum. It was free museum weekend, so of course, everyone was there. I have been wanting to go see their famous Noah’s Ark exhibit for the longest but I was bummed out to find out we would have to wait 2 a half hours to see it. We hung out in the art studio making a dragon for Chinese New Year but Liv wasn’t into it. I had to bf her to get her to calm down a bit. We toured the museum and sat around waiting for 1:30 to arrive. I suppose it was worth the wait since Liv enjoyed the interactive features but by the time we left we were tired, hungry and cranky.


I wore my new raspberry trench…Antz is not a fan. I’m not sure if I love it yet, we’ll see how it holds up in the rain.

We are definitely taking a hiatus for awhile. Nothing planned for the next month so far except my usual acupuncture, Liv’s Scruffin Rock class and our tax appointment. I am still trying to decide/and confirm where we are going for Liv’s birthday. How about you lovelies? Any vacations, birthdays or exciting plans coming soon? I find it more fun to have something to look forward to. I need to figure out how to get to Hawaii cause I am super bummed we aren’t going to London for the Olympics *sadface*

MAJOR BUMMER!! I was all prepared to give a glowing review about my ASOS leather brogues order. I just received it and I am not happy. Not only did they send me the wrong size *stupid European sizing* but the shoes look worn and have marks on them. Le sigh, I’m apprehensive to reorder them but they are so darn cute and affordable. I can’t even tell you how they fit cause they sent a size 8 and my Bigfoot feet are a 10. They feel really hard but all leather shoes need breaking in. Come on Asos, I thought we were cool!!

Looks like two left feet to me
Maybe white shoes is a bad choice for me
Scuffed soles, someone wore these, ew!

I just might exchange them for these. I’ll have to read the reviews first.

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