Aimee, the Supermodel

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had my regular date with Aimee but I dropped Liv off at her grandma’s house since Aimee was having a photo shoot. Her friend MJ is an amazing amateur photographer. I played lighting assistant, I brought our desk lamp to use during the shoot. Aimee has been telling me that she wants to take boudoir photos ever since she got her sleeve done. I was blown away by how beautiful Aimee looked. She is very shy and modest but I honestly believe this girl could be a model. She’s a natural in front of the camera, I had so much fun posing her and observing the magic. I’m so excited to see the pics we took together. I took a few photos with my camera of MJ at work.

She reminds me of a 1920’s actress
My BFF is so fucking gorgeous
This is my absolute fave, how lovely!

The natural light was awesome

Yummy Champagne!!

J’adore mon ami

Sexy lady *this was my idea*
I kept making her laugh, it wasn’t hard at all

Today, Antz joined us at Scruffin Rock! Liv was hamming it up like she was auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance.

Awww yeah, tag team
Liv in action
Michael Jackson toes, get this kid a silver glove!

I’m a bit bummed at the moment cause this morning there was a tragic accident. Liv made potty *#1* on my lovely Anthropologie quilt. *sniff, sniff* I pouted, then took it to the dry cleaners. It’s gonna cost $30 and won’t be ready until next Thursday. Okay, the money, I get it. It’s a king size quilt that reeks of urine. Buuut…I am not a fan of the chemicals used at dry cleaners *formaldehyde, Boo* and I like everything I own to be smothered in Downey freshness. I am one of those. I literally buy a 240 pack of Downey dryer sheets AND the largest Downey liquid softener twice a month *I have a panic attack if I don’t have a coupon for my Downey addiction at Target, ask Aimee*. It’s practically my signature smell *psst, Downey if you listening, frickin make candles and air spray already* I suppose I could find a way to hang it outside and vigorous dose of Febreze. So I am hoping my beautiful quilt doesn’t get ruined. In other news, Liv has been improving in the potty training department. She has been grabbing her pull up before she has to go which gives us a head start to get her to the potty *where I usually wait a half an hour and nothing happens* Yet she pooped twice in the toilet at Antz Mom’s house. I think this weekend we’ll break out the Yo Gabba Gabba! undies I bought for her to wear around the house. Anyone else in potty training hell?

**I’m so torn if I should go ahead and buy the backpack from ModCloth…yesterday there was 3 in stock and now there’s only one left!! Two of you lovelies saw my post and bought them, didn’t you??!! It’s so cute but I’m not sure I’m ready to spend the money…?

2 thoughts on “Aimee, the Supermodel

  1. Potty training argh…..I guess i should start my little muffet so we can exchange stories…she is 17 months. I've held off long enough. Stay tuned I'm going for a potty this week. Any potty training tips?

  2. Two extremely helpful tips…Never put bebe to sleep in a pull-up *had to take our quilt to the dry cleaners* and when bebe says she has to go potty, SHE'S LYING!!
    Potty training sucks 🙁

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