Hipster Highland Park

I had one of those I’ve got to pee moments where you know you can’t hold it till morning but you definitely don’t want to get out of the warm bed. So you weigh your options until you can’t hold it any longer. I relentlessly gave in and got up. Problem is no matter how fast I go, I get back into bed and start thinking, great…now I’m cold again, I’m awake and my cat Lola jumps into the bed and wants snuggle time. Needless to say, I’m now wide awake at 5:38 am!

Since I’m up before the sun, let me tell you what a great time I had tonight last night. I saw my friends *who I don’t see as often as I’d like* for dinner at Maximilliano, a new Italian spot here in Highland Park. This was our second time eating there and it’s fabulous. I made reservations at 5, right when they open hoping to not catch the Saturday crowds but within a half an hour the place was packed *and I felt the entire time people were giving us the evil eye for staying at our table for so long* but not only is the place incredible the food is absurdly delish. Everyone enjoyed the food, wine and dessert. This cute chick came over and said hi, she remembered meeting us at the Yo Gabba Gabba! art show, how rad!! I hope we can get together for a playdate soon.

This place has changed from a coffee shop to an art gallery and now the most popular place in HP to eat besides the food trucks! *They filmed Yes Man here too*
Liv is so funny, the first half an hour she’s terrified of Chris, then she loves him

These meatballs are HEAVEN

My bebe has blurry face

I hate to admit, HP is getting more awesome everyday. So many new shops, art galleries, NELA art walk and restaurants are popping up within walking distance from our house. Everyone is biking, or gardening and all the dudes have 1890’s beards or curly moustaches. I am even seeing really cute houses getting redone and selling for prices that are fairly decent.

Should I stay or should I go now?? Don’t fret, I still love you Atwater, you’re my #1!!

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