Jason Wu for Target

Due to my irregular sleeping pattern last night, I was not so keen on getting up at 7:30 am like I planned to get to Target for some Jason Wu shopping. Antz woke up around 6:30 *I guess my typing woke him up* but he’s always an early riser. He told me my alarm on my phone went off but I just went back to sleep. Then around 8:45, I woke up and was like, I’ll drag my ass down there or else they’ll be nothing left. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to be there since it’s Sunday morning and I doubt many folks even know who Jason Wu is *for those who don’t, he’s the guy who designed Michelle Obama’s inaugural ball gown*

He’s so cute
I was surprised to see this when I got there at 9. I think the word got out.

Most of his pieces are very delicate chiffon fabric. Not so great for the mom of an active toddler.  I still grabbed what I could and shopped for house stuff while I waited for the long fitting room line to dwindle. I had a few dresses *so not flattering on me* a skirt, and a few tops. They were really cute pieces but a little too work clothes for my style. I went to the accessories department and didn’t find any Jason Wu anywhere. There was a chick there with a cart full of stuff trying on dresses over her clothes *I guess she didn’t want to wait in line for a fitting room* but I hung around until she left. Check out what I scored! I almost went with the cream bag but who are we kidding? I can’t keep a light color like that clean for one day, so I took Aimee’s advice and bought the floral purse *so cute*
Wu bags!
I got up early and all I got with this lousy Jason Wu tee shirt
This guy is my new favorite. It’s the perfect size

Liv keeps pointing to the cat on my shirt. It was worth the sleepiness I’m feeling now, luckily I can nap. We just skyped with Evelyn & Dion. They got our package *YAY*

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