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I just found something that has me all giddy. I have now accepted that my tiny Missoni for Target suitcase is better equiped for a weekend in San Francisco or Palm Springs. However, for our 8 days in Paris, no good. I am not even sure Antz Swiss Army suitcase would be sufficient. Then I found this guy

Cooperative Rolling Trunk Luggage

Cooperative Rolling Trunk Luggage

This bag is so fly, and it’s on sale $49 marked down from $149, BUUUUT…it has mixed reviews *as UO often has* and folks are warning about cheap quality, flimsy buckle closure and plastic wheels. Athough I prefer not to, I will have to check my bag so I don’t want my wardrobe to explode in the cargo hold *I worked for an airline, it happens* I also worry I won’t fit the 5 pairs of shoes I plan to bring. I might have to borrow a bag from my Mom *who has traveled around the world* and has more sensible luggage.

I am super bummed the backpack sold out before I could nab it *as I knew it would* yet items come back in stock all the time and I do have 2 years to find an alternative. I’ve been using Jordan’s Paris guide at Oh Happy Day! for invaluable insight on places to see off the beaten track, yummy food and this awesome article about traveling with kids

Jordan looks like she’s lived in Paris her entire life *she’s from SF* I am not a huge fan of macarons but I am dying over how gorge the boxes are. I will definitely grab a few boxes for gifts to bring home.

Oh Happy Day!

I have been perfecting putting together our itinerary for a year now *yep, crazy lady, right here* I may be trying to squeeze in too much everyday. I have my must-dos and then my like-to-dos but I have 3 things working against me. I have to keep in mind we are traveling with a *will be* 4 year old, so I’ll have to find more things that will hold her attention *maybe a playground or toy shop* and make more time for naps *which are more for us than her*. Then there’s transportation, I intend to buy the Metro pass yet when I look at the daily maps, we are zigzagging all over the city. I hope we will be able to rent bikes via Velib yet they don’t have any child seats. Would it be possible to strap a close to 50 lb Liv on Antz back with our BabyHawk while we bike ride through the city? He doesn’t think so *and we would have to find a bike helmet for her* I am hoping our hotel has a helium tank so we can fill our Geronimo balloon for the photo shoot at Jardin d’Acclimatation. I don’t want to spend all morning searching for a party store before the photo shoot. I’ll have to put their Whenever/Whatever philosophy to the test.

Which leads me to my third biggest conundrum, I still don’t know when to take the trip. Airfare is dirt cheap before April *both Air France & British Airways are under $3k*. Yet, it’s fricken cold during March. It snowed there last night. With so many things I want to do *outdoors* and so many photo opps, I want nice, sunny weather. BUT, there’s a price for the sun in Europe, it’s more crowded *particularly the touristy spots I want to visit* and hotels rates and airfare rise. I’m not talking the matter of hundreds but thousands. I am stretching the budget as far as I can now. So I’m still looking at the last week of March. I’ll have to layer and pray the clouds beat it for our week. Anyone traveled to Paris in March? Any tips for this California girl are welcome.

That’s me with my childhood “big sister” Ada *loving her beads* our Moms were BFFs

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