Snow Day!!

Yesterday we drove to my Mom’s house and then made an impromptu trip to the mountains to show Olivia SNOW!! I was worried it would be all melted and icy but the patch we found was perfect. We had a snowball fight and Liv LOVED playing in the snow. It was super fun. I narrowed down my faves out of the thousands *1,023 to be exact* of photos we took. I’m going to need a bigger memory card when we go to Paris.

Smokey says: Think Before you STROKE!!

Serious Side-eye

Future Snowboarder

Snowball Wars!
She rocked out in the snow

Random grave marker right where we parked the car, RIP

Jumping with Mommy *yikes, my shirt!*

Visiting free-range, happy happy cows on the drive home

Please, don’t eat us!!!

We have to go sledding next time.

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