Schoolhouse Rocks!

I have been keeping quiet so I wouldn’t jinx us but yesterday was the big in-take meeting for Liv’s pre-school. Of course, I imagine a room of people with clipboards while they observe Olivia playing. Eyebrows raise at each toy selection she makes and we are standing behind one of those mirror/window dealies you see in movies at a police station. Then there is an interview that almost makes me wet my pants.

Way to worst-case scenario it right? Turned out to be a group of us and we let the kids play while we sat around talking and asking questions. Liv did wonderful, she tried to pull out every single toy in that joint but the assistant director was like, its fine, we get messy here all the time. Whew! We took another tour of the school and then let the kids play outside. We will find out our fate on March 30th, but I see no reason we won’t be accepted.

So that’s what’s been going on around here. I am super excited cause my friends Nicolette & Ale are going to the Academy Awards on Sunday. Ale is a nominee *YAY, keeping my fingers crossed he wins* for his work on Kung Fu Panda! Today I will be practicing hair styles and maybe makeup too. I’ll take some photos of how it comes out but Nic has gorgeous, long hair so I know she will look amazing.

The Beautiful People

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