I’m up to my ears in Birthdays!!

Not only is my b-day extravaganza in a few weeks, but I have just 3 months before Olivia turns 2. How crazy is that?

Just kidding, Antz did this one on his phone
She’s 21 months going on 21 YEARS!!

2 Years old! An official toddler *even though she began toddling at 11 months* so I was planning a weekend vacation in my old stomping grounds of Palm Springs at the lovely Ace hotel. Now we’re going for a day trip to PS to ride the ariel tram

Antz & I went before we were married and it is a scary ride but breathtaking views

We will hike *in 100 degree weather, fun!* and go to dinner. So Antz & I decided to not spend too much in an effort to somehow try to get our asses to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary in August. I mean, you only have one 10 year anniversary *most couples don’t make it that long, in Hollywood anyways* so it’s cause for celebration. I honestly feel like the last person on the planet who hasn’t been to Hawaii. It’s right there…in the US. What’s my problem? I will fly a paper airplane to get there *I really wouldn’t, I am very particular about airlines I fly* I guess I could explore other options than the Aulani Resort *an ocean view standard room is $1700 for 4 nights* but anywhere else that is 4 stars will be just as expensive. I am by no means a Disney lover, I just figure this is Liv’s vacation too so why not stay at a child friendly resort with amenities she will enjoy too. There is a lagoon, a kids clubhouse, and of course photos with Mick & the gang. I like that it’s new and gorgeous.

I am not trying to be a snob *yes I am* but I’m over my days of staying at the Motel 6. Budget travel is not my idea of a vacation *ever since we got scabies* I need room service, a spa and a bathroom that I never want to leave. I even thought of just going for 3 days to save costs but our anniversary is on Saturday so of course a Friday through Sunday stay is still pricey. I dunno, its still to far from August to find any deals on airfare. I wish they didn’t close the W Honolulu, that really blows.

However on the positive side, the W Paris opened on February 29th



I am able to check rates for April, they are offering 30% off rooms for Starwood members so that rocks. The bad news is I am having terrible luck finding flights from Paris to Helsinki *to visit my lovely Aura* The fares are almost $700 and the flights all return close to midnight. I want to get a good night’s rest so we can go to Disneyland Paris the following day. Maybe I’ll move the itinerary around so that we visit Aura and then fly home from Helsinki but that may put us on Lufthansa and I want to get the low airfare with British Airways. Sheesh, I feel like a travel agent. I need to get dressed for my date with Aimee. She is having her bathroom renovated and now she has her eye on an upstairs apartment that I need to see.

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