Hither & Thither

I cannot believe how quick this week has been. Antz, Liv & I have been extremely busy with work and play so here’s a glimpse at our week. I must run, we’re having Kieran & Terry over for a playdate and I must prepare snacks. Toodles!

Seriously, Olivia beat our score on Wii
Scruffin Rock, rocks!!

Liv & Zoggy *who Liv calls Ching Ching* the doggy Aimee is petsitting for her friend

I see a slight resemblance to Falcor the Luck Dragon *OMG Neverending Story was one of my favorite movies growing up, didn’t every girl have a crush on Atreyu?*
Aimee in her dream apartment upstairs from her place
Introducing Liv to the cats at the Ellison

Nic & Ale treated us to dinner Thursday night. 
Best Italian in town, Ale ordered Prosciutto Margherita pizza that was fucking fantastic
Liv was Little Miss Crankypants

Such amazing food and conversation *and Jon Hamm hunting*
Doin’ some learnin’ with Daddy
Snacks! *pita chips, sun dried tomato hummus, apple slices, carrots, veggie chips and veggie/Greek yogurt dip and a Sprinkles cupcake* for the playdate
In a Yo Gabba Gabba! trance
Care for a ride m’lady?
So overnight Olivia has learned to ride her tricycle, WOW!
Kieran was like the swing is my fave
Olivia is so funny, she totally stole a bite of cupcake from Terry, I wish I caught her on camera. Here she is all hopped up on sweet!
Kieran is always such a gentleman!
Byes, see ya again soon!

So rumor has it, Orla Kiely will have a line for Bed, Bath & Beyond in May. I have wanted this duvet set forever so I am keeping my fingers crossed I can get something awesome before they sell out. I will be hoarding my 20% coupons.

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