Birthday Gift options

Are a’plenty! I am dying for this camera iphone case. It’s making me crazy. There are 3 detachable lenses and can attach to a tripod.

iphone rangefinder d33a 600.0000001329451650 The Coolest Retro Camera iPhone Case

iphone rangefinder 781b 600.0000001328669688 The Coolest Retro Camera iPhone Case
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Aimee asked me what I wanted but she hooks me up every year with a gift card at Anthro so I’m covered to get this sweet cardigan I’ve had my eye on.

Now I am obsessed with getting tatted by TATTLY
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Super duper cute! So many choices of rad things. I also think it’s cruel and unfair that this amazing bag is sold out. 
Image of A Bird of II Feathers: White/Neutral
It’s seriously adorable and needs to belong to me. Mañana I am having my date with the Bestie, we’re going makeup shopping which will be stellar. I get so excited over makeup, it’s sickening.
Later skaters!

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