HPK…Highland Park Kitchen

Tonight we tried out a new restaurant that opened on York with Story & Chris.

The name needs some punch, it’s pretty ho-hum. I sorta preferred their original Los Lobos Cafe concept. I found the place to be too casual to be a high end restaurant yet the wall of bench seating were cute just not intimate enough. We had an early reservation but it wasn’t long before all the tables were full. It also was pretty packed due to tonight being the Nela art walk. We had tapas and drinks. I ordered a yummy mushroom and bleu cheese filet. Antz had the rosemary chicken. Olivia had mac and cheese *the hostess brought her some raisins which she ate like candy* but spend a great deal of dinner cracking up at Chris. She had a meltdown moment while we were trying to eat so this lovely older woman asked to hold Liv to calm her down. It must have done the trick cause they became friends and Liv hung with her while we ate. We were filled in on their trip to New Zealand but I was disappointed to hear they didn’t spot one penguin! It was a good time but they were understaffed and the credit card system was down so our waitress had to run our credit card manually *which sucked*. I would go back for drinks with friends but Maximillianos is my go-to spot for HP. We walked through a few galleries for the art show but nothing was that great to keep us out so we stopped by Cafe de Leche for coffee and walked to our house. We watched TV for a few hours and my face is still hurting from laughing at Aziz Ansari’s stand-up show and a bizarre Portlandia episode.

Yet another awesome restaurant opening a few blocks from our house, Yay for gentrification!!!
I had a pomergrante mojito, pretty delish!
Lovely, toothy grin

Lar & Har sneaking a sip of Antz Jack and Coke, naughty dragon!
Olivia kept throwing Larry & Harry so S & C were comforting them.
Finally they took shelter on Chris’s shoulder for safety
Story’s truffle mac & cheese
My filet…yummers but why no potato?
Antz rosemary chicken, pretty tasty
Liv’s new friend, Karen *who was extremely sweet but random how she just came over and bebe whispered Liv Grandma-ninja style*
Olivia’s fro is completely out of control
I am getting Liv this ukelele *not the one pictured* for her birthday, I am praying she won’t break it in five minutes
Love me some nerdy glasses
I will probably regret not buying these rad 80’s flip shades, like fer sure!

Tomorrow we are going to a farmers market and then playdate at Kieran’s house, FUN!! Goodnights

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