So many trips, so little cash

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! This week year is flying by for us and we have so many events coming up. Our niece & nephew are having a baby girl *girls rule!* in June and her baby shower is in May. Then before you know it June will be here, Liv & Antz birthday’s and Papa’s day too! We are taking a day trip to Palm Springs for Liv’s 2nd birthday and I would love to rent Vespas but I don’t think Liv can ride with us.

Pink Vespa
I am dreaming of renting a lovely pink vintage Vespa with matching helmet and zooming down Palm Canyon Drive

So I am constantly finding awesome delights over at DesignLoveFest and now I am obsessed with these Son of Sharkpig videos. Here’s one of lovely Bri’s amazing loft.

How amazing would it be to have a vignette made of Liv’s 2nd birthday all over Palm Springs? I’m sure he charges like $5k per hour but I emailed him to inquire about his rates, so we’ll see. I am pretty much dying to take a vacation. Anywhere sounds fun, I really, really want to take a road trip to Austin for a few days to celebrate Aimee & mine’s 14 year bff-anniversary. It’s a 20 hour drive and this hotel looks awesome.

Hotel San Jose
It’s a small boutique hotel on popular Congress Street. Since I miss Coachella and SXSW every year, I’ve been lusting after a visit to Austin. Antz has been before and he said he had a gnarly time *he went to a movie theater that served BBQ and beer!!*. I found out about this hotel from this fun post at Bleubird Vintage  
These are the hotel robes!!
Pretty rad, right? I don’t have any idea how to afford the trip or how to get Aimee to get time off prison work *she works 6 days a week* to go. It would be fantastic if we could go in September when the weather cools down. On top of all these upcoming events, my friend Jessica & Trevor’s wedding is in December and in order to attend, you must stay a minimum of 2 nights at a campsite in Santa Barbara. It’s a beautiful venue but I checked the prices and it’s going to be a pretty penny *$289 per night
I’ve always wanted to sleep in a yurt but with no heat in December, I think we’ll stick with a cabin with a fireplace.
Cedar Cabin
I am trying to pay off our credit card debt, refinance our mortgage, save every penny for Liv’s school, new house, and home improvements *we desperately need our plumbing upgraded and a kitchen makeover* and yet I am torturing myself with my wild desire to travel.  Did I mention Antz needs a new computer and Wacom tablet? Okay, I’m going now, my brain hurts.

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