Running on empty

I feel like my old body is out of gas. Swimming laps last weekend felt awful great at the time but I am having old lady issues with my arms and legs. Everyday this week I’ve been out of the house from morning till night, although having fun, keeping my Liv busy. If I keep up this pace, I may go Hollywood and check into rehab for “exhaustion“. Olivia has been impressing me with how well-behaved she has been lately. She still has her meltdowns here and there but she is like a new, mature lady sitting quietly and sharing during dance class. She is talking more often, “yeah, okay!” is her signature phrase. I’m so proud of my little almost 2 year old going on 15. I feel like I’m doing a pretty decent job as a parent.


Yesterday when Antz got home from work we decided to stop by the newsstand to pick up my issue of the special edition Domino Quick Fixes. I was positive Larchmont Village would have it…wrong! He said he sold out the first day it came out. Then we drove towards Hollywood, another stand completely sold out. He said I was the 7th person that day asking about it and he was calling the publisher to get more issues. I tried one last newsstand in Santa Monica before I considered giving up and just ordering it online. Then since we were so close we walked over to Barnes & Noble totally expecting them to be sold out.

That guy behind me is throwin’ some haterade on my photo

Luckily they had about 5 issues left and can you believe this *$10.99* magazine actually went under? They better come back before there’s an occupy Domino or whatever the yuppies do when they get pissed. We paid a visit to Aimee, and while pigging out on Sprinkles cupcakes and wine, we discussed our road trip to Austin. Do you wanna know those two traitors are trying to talk me into going to Las Vegas instead? Mega lame! I have been to Vegas a billion times. It’s so not bebe-friendly, it reeks of cigarette and cigar smoke and the people are obnoxious *needless to say, the high occurrence of fanny packs not worn on the fanny or the guys who slap the escort flyers on the strip make me want to punch them*  I am not a buffet type of girl, the one time Antz dragged me to a buffet at the Luxor *this was years ago when the Luxor was brand new* I threw a tantrum, cried and didn’t eat a thing even though we spent $30 person. I just don’t enjoy the food in Vegas, I think because they make such large quantities, I have this stigma about the freshness. Aimee and Antz want to gamble but I am all about sightseeing, taking quirky photos and finding a cute craft store to amble in for hours. Austin is so laid back and mellow. I am not going to let them talk me out of Awe-stin.

austin, texas :)
If Austin is as rad as my pinterest finding are, I just may have to move there



Austin, Texas krissy_e
even the graffiti is awesome in Austin
Austin, Texas
Pinned Image
SXSW via tilt-shift photography
Austin, Texas.
It’s totally nerdy but I really want to see the bat colony

Aimee is pretty sure she’ll be able to get the time off in September so once again, I am crossing my fingers for a miracle to afford this trip. I mean, Liv starts school September 3rd and once we start paying tuition, we will be poor for the next 16 years.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Any trips you looking forward to?












It’s official, Liv needs a slide for the backyard, we’re keeping an eye out on Craigslist but so far, nuthin!

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  1. Austin seems like lots of fun and I'm sure the eatin' is major. I'm a little concerned about the 21 hour drive with Liv getting antsy in her car seat. I am thinking of doing a majority of the drive over night and I hope she can get a decent nights sleep in the car seat.

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