Hither & Thither

I love visiting my Mommy in the dessert *I know that’s a typo but we just had blueberry crumb cake for dessert, so I’m leaving it*. The weather is perfect, we are blissfully full from the amazing meal I cooked and Liv and her Grammy are having a late night jam session. We ended the evening with a sunset stroll and caught a meteor shower, which was amazing since we can’t see anything in the sky at our house. Oh yeah, my camera had a seizure.

Hanging in the jacuzzi
Food, glorious food!
For some reason my culinary skills intensify when I’m at my Mom’s
My Mom rocking her Mrs. Roper muu-muu. I think I need to get one!
Pretty stellar landscape, her land just goes for miles

Hi Blue!
Liv kept calling for my Mom’s doggies, “Come ‘ere Kody, and bwue!”
Epic sunset on the desert

Liv’s first didgeridoo lesson
My Mom can play for like 45 minutes straight, she uses a technique called circular breathing.
Olivia is in music heaven here, she has played didgeridoo, piano, congas, xylophone and guitar
The solar lights in my Mom’s backyard look pretty sci-fi, don’t they?
I stood perfectly still and held my breath when I took this shot. I was using the night setting and I turned the ISO way down, sigh. My camera has done a lot of hard drugs since the infamous fall. Our Nikon is the new Lindsay Lohan *please don’t sue me*
City Lights dancing

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