Baby Shower and Balloons

Friday Antz had a party at work so he brought Liv a surprise from Godmommy Leslie when he came home…balloons! Then we took a walk in Atwater and stopped by the open house for Sew-LA. 

Scruffin Rocker
wearing my shoes during quiet song at class
she wore her wings *from her 1st Halloween costume*
Cake pop!
Toodee gets a ride
Thanks Nina!
she was awestruck by the balloons

My favorite photo of her

The new store is lovely
I hope to make this adorable shirt. There’s a class for it this month.
This flower wins! I really enjoy walking past this garden

Yesterday Liv, my Mommy-in-law and I went my niece-in-law, Ann-Marissa’s baby shower. I couldn’t be
happier for her and hubby, Cayce. They are high school sweethearts and
they just bought a lovely new house. I am so excited to meet their
daughter next month.

Can you believe how bad I sucked at this game? I won the actual game on Price is Right but I have never purchased most of the products before.

Mommy looks so pretty
Grandmom-to-be Debra
Liv and her new friend, Jianna

Double team on Mommy


Ann-Marissa is going to be a FABulous Mommy!!

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