It’s on!

Rainbow cake
I have no clue how they made this guy
My first purple layer *I’m loving the food coloring*

I’m making mine a mere 6 layers thick. I’m using One Charming Party’s recipe so if it turns out lovely, I’ll attempt 8 layers for Liv’s birthday. MERDE!! Her birthday is 16 days from today.

Hopefully in 3 hours or so, I’ll have this pretty guy. I’ll be back with more pics later.

Rainbow Cake


Update…why oh why is my cake coming out so dark? Boo, the color is so vibrant and lovely in the bowl but when I bring it out of the oven, it’s darkness. I’m using the special super expensive cake grease I bought from the fancy schmancy Chef’s store. I suppose we’ll see when we cut into it.


Not very violet
What’s the secret to keeping it this color?
BOO!! my bright turquoise blue looks green


While I’m slaving away over a hot stove, the BFF is in the living room engrossed in the smut book!

50 Shades of Grey

I’m back and four and a half hours later, I have completed my cake. It’s pretty, I am definitely happy with it but thank goodness I did a trial run before her birthday. I found some things I need to tweak to get it perfect. Mainly, remember to measure each layer, I have some pretty wonky looking layers. I had to slice the green layer in half since it was much thicker than the rest. I also needed to use a dowel to keep it from becoming a leaning tower due to the crooked layers. I ran out of icing, so I didn’t frost the outside but I will freeze the cake the day before Liv’s birthday so it’s easier to frost. The tools I got from Surfas really came in handy. I was wary about spending so much but I’m glad I bought the professional grade stuff. I am thinking of going back to pick up one of the cake stands I drooled over but thought I could find an alternative for less at Macy’s. I browsed the Martha Stewart section on Friday and even with the 30% off sale, I didn’t love them as much as the ones at Surfas, yet the smallest one was $29. I’m not sure how often I’ll make cakes to invest in one yet.

My Top Chef loot
So pretty, I want a small white one *the small ones are on the far right*

Here’s the remainder of my rainbow cake making. As you can see it’s crooked and my banner is much too big but this was the largest circle cutter *4 inches, I would prefer 6 inches* they carried so I bought it.



the cakes were just a hair too small to cut out 2 circles


This part was fun cause the cutter is so precise and easy to use



the cake looks like a green hamburger







I love you Olivia!


Liv was beyond excited to taste it


I’m telling you, Olivia loves being nude


It’s gonna be a rainbow extravaganza!

By the way, I used 2 boxes of vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting. The food coloring doesn’t change the taste at all. It was yummy and we have tons of excess left over. I think I’ll use buttercream frosting next time. It’s possible the cake came out darker due to the vanilla cake mix being yellow. I may just go with a white cake to keep the colors bright. The work was tedious and long but fun!


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