You ever been so tired you just wanna cry?

I’m feeling that type of exhaustion right now. Like, it’s taking incredulous effort to type these words. So I’m going to be brief, for obvious reasons, and then I’m going to sleep like I’m Rip Van Winkle. Today was my date with Aimee. I was totally planning to pick her up, go to Sprinkles Ice Cream, stop by Target then have lunch. By the time I dropped her off it would be time to pick up Antz from work and then I would go pick up Snowball from the dealer. Nuh uh, not happening. First, Sprinkles…we arrived a little after 12:30 and there was a line. I thought the line was manageable not as long as the ATM was but I circled 5 times looking for parking and Aimee was like, let’s just come back later when the line dies down. Okay, off we go to Target. Hurtle #2, Aimee was looking for the 3rd Shades of Grey book *cause she’s a dirty old perv and she read the other two in like 5 days* and the West Hollywood Target was completely sold out of all 3 books *duh, we should have known* and they didn’t have what I was looking for either. All the while, I’m waiting to hear about Snowball. Turns out they have to order a part for her that won’t get there until Friday so they offer me a loaner if I get there before 5. Sigh, now I have to drive all the way to Pasadena. We are starving at this point so we go to Numero Uno Pizza in Glendale. BUZZ!! RED X!! Nope!! They are closed for renovations. I am starting to sense a theme here. So I drive to way out east Pasadena to find another Numero Uno and we stuff our faces. Liv chooses to throw her meal under the table and throw an unnecessary tantrum. Since we’re close, we go to Target to look for 50 Shades Freed III and of course, they don’t have it *yet they have millions of the first book that I was looking for last week* We go to my dealer and pick up the gross dark grey Passat loaner that takes 20 minutes of me waiting impatiently to get. My annoyance level at this point is in the red. We then drive to Antz job to drop off his car and Aimee and I go to the mall so she can buy her face paint *aka MAC makeup* we decide, let’s give the Glendale Target a shot since we’re there and the dude tells us they are sold out but the Eagle Rock store have 50. Of all the places, my local Target has what we need all along. So we take our tired asses to the Eagle Rock Target and she gets her book and I buy her a second bottle of wine cause Antz accidentally dropped her first bottle. At this point, I’m delirious. We pick up Antz and Liv and I drive Aimee home to Venice. Then I drove past Sprinkles again and the line was three times as long. We stopped to get dinner for my hungry hubby and made it home after 10pm. I still forgot to buy toothpaste after going to 4 Targets. It was a long, exhausting, hilarious day. I think the fact that my loaner doesn’t have an ipod connection so I’m stuck listening to the radio made me a little more grouchy-pants than I should be, but Antz and Aimee made me laugh through my tears. Alas, I have no review on Sprinkles Ice Cream but we will give it another go next week. On a happier note, Liv and Antz went cherry picking this afternoon and here is their harvest.

Good job! They are delish

I also figured out to to use the remote setting on the new camera. Sadly I didn’t figure out how to stand in the right spot but here’s a few that turned out okay.

stellar posing Liv

 Karate Kick!

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