Sprinkles Ice Cream, for real this time.

This post feels like deja-vu to me. Wasn’t I just talking about checking out the opening of Sprinkles Ice Creamers? What, that was 3 weeks ago! Time is so accelerated with a toddler. 

For real!

She was so wittle
How is this the same person?

Well, today I picked up my bestie and we headed on down to Beverly Hills to get our cream on. Ugh, that sounds gross…uh, to get iced…? You get what I mean. Luckily I found a parking spot right off the bat *applause* this is like half the battle when attempting to get some Sprinkles yumminess. The other half is standing in line forever and then realizing, my meter is about to expire and I have no change! I was stoked to see there was no line outside, yet behind the door there was a short line. We had to wait about 25 minutes because the girls working the counter were e x t r e m e l y  s l o o o o w! I get that they are new and offering excellent customer service but I had Aimee and Olivia with me, they have zero patience for food. 

the short line, rainbow hat lady was quite grouchy, she was not pleasant to wait behind
I want to try a new flavor next time, I played it too safe
Mmmmm, ice cream
The writing above is a recipe for ice cream written by Thomas Jefferson in French, because….?

red velvet waffle cones and toppings
of course she wanted gummy bears *am I the only one who finds them too hard to enjoy with ice cream?*

I ordered a cherry vanilla with rainbow sprinkles for Liv.

Check out those eyes!

I had a delish butter pecan waffle cone, I shared with Clementine.

Clemmy with my cone

Aimee had a giant 3 scoop sundae with vanilla cupcake crumbs and fresh whipped cream.

I tried to take a shot of us with my remote but I just can’t get that guy set up right, boo!
the nice girls behind us saw me struggling, so they offered to take a decent shot of us

It was goooooood! I tasted the pistachio but it was too bitter for me. Antz turned me on to butter pecan and me likey!

Liv was saying “Aimee, ice crweamALL DAY!
Godmommy pinching those cheeks, she loves Liv!

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