Open Hizzy

Ugh, do kids still tizz-alk like thi-zzis anymore? Today was a lovely Sunday, we did some house cleaning, organizing and getting rid of shit. I’ve been babbling about crepes from the Beverly Hills farmers market all week so we headed over there for one. Sadly, it wasn’t as yummy as the one I got last time but that could be because I didn’t order Nutella.

Always order Nutella, Dork!

Liv was looking fresh to death in her new summer outfit her Dad bought her last week.

How are you liking her ponytails?

Liv ate almost all the blackberries we bought

My popcorn!

After a trek across town for delish Tandoori chicken for lunch, we stopped by at a pretty rad open house in Atwater Village. I thought it was nice, has a lot of charm and almost everything on my wishlist *it’s lacking a fireplace* but the interior was pretty small. There was one jack-and-jill bathroom *it was in between the master and the second bedroom*  but the bathroom in the guest house was awesome. That was our favorite part of the house. It’s located on a nice, quiet street but not my ideal location. It was adorable, my photos turned out horrible so here’s the listing photos

Love this arch!

The master closet…uhhhh?
Doubt a king would fit in here
The master bedroom was about the same size as our current one
The vanity seems unbalanced, there’s wasted space under the window

Nice, private backyard
It was really hard to not jump in that salt water pool with my clothes on

Outdoor shower is a nice feature

I love the hydrangeas but I’d add some peonies
The yard is much smaller than ours but easier to maintain and large enough for Liv to play in

Converted garage guest house

That huge shower looks like heaven! There were so many people checking it out, the price is so reasonable, I’m sure it will have multiple offers and sell well over the $599,000 they are asking. Everything in the house was brand new and renovated. I wasn’t a big fan of the kitchen cabinets and countertops but Antz liked the overall spaciousness.

Liv was all about the pool

I would love to get our house looking that sweet. We need to put about $60k into our crib to completely update it.

-New bathtub/shower (still waiting for a quote from our plumber)
-fix the foundation
-new chimney/fireplace mantle
-fix the shitty plumbing (definitely doing that next year)
-new kitchen cabinets (least paint em and give them new knobs)
-get rid of the popcorn ceiling in the hallway and living room (hopefully next Spring)
-get rid of half our junk/de-clutter (tackling this everyday)
-grow our grass back in the backyard (Antz has this on his to-do list)
-paint (every room could use a fresh coat)

We plan to do the work on more than half of this list. There’s no way I’m spending $40k on our foundation. Our house is already crooked and I’d rather spend that money towards a down payment on our new house. I am so happy we have a garage that gives us a place to store all our crap and pretty stellar curb appeal.

I would really love for our agent to come by and give us her professional advice on what we need to do to sell this joint. The agent who sold the house next door said it wouldn’t go for more than $350 so we should stay put for another 5 years. Not uh, I’ve got 4 years max to stay in this house. Every year Liv I goes without a pool makes me crazy. Seeing houses always gives me the itch to move. If someone offered us what we paid in 2006, I’d take it in a heartbeat.

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