Where you been?

Uhhh, a quickie trip to Vegas has me beat. We left Liv with her Grandma this time and pulled a crazy all-nighter with Aimee at the Palms.

I am not a fan of the Strip on a Friday night…chaos

BFFs are Awesome!
Aimee was stoked to play the Michael Jackson slots

My high roller!
Crazy old people

I’m feeling guilty about not blogging everyday but life with a 2 year old takes precedence these days. Since we’re already in July, let’s check out my Summer Bucket List and see my progress.

1. New patio furniture/re-seed the backyard grass *make it pretty again*
2. Celebrate Antz birthday in style *Vegas Suite Life*
3. Attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
4. Beach Day
5. Sprinkles Ice Cream *can’t wait to go again!*
6. Attend Liv’s Pre-school Summer Serenade *Boo, Liv wasn’t feeling well so we missed this event*
 7. Weekly Farmer’s Market
8. Attend Carlos & Stephanie’s baby shower *Done*
9. See Brave at the El Capitan Theater *Done*
10. Make cornbread from scratch *Done*
11. Scooter playdate with Kieran *Done*
12. Ride the ferris wheel at Balboa boardwalk
13. Road Trip! *to the Wildlife Learning Center?*
14. Go to the Los Angeles Public Library *and ride Angel’s Flight*
15. Summer BBQ
16. Attend a Bonfire

Hmm, 6 out of 16 seem right on track. I bought this Living Social deal for a day at a Wildlife Learning Center which sounds rad. We really need to get our backyard back into shape. Liv is making more effort than we are.

The lone green patch in the yard

Guess what? I passed my stupid stomach bug to Antz *sorry babe* He’s handling it much better than I did but I know how crappy he must be feeling. Whoops, I just remembered I didn’t post any photos of our 4th of July watching fireworks at Lake Hollywood.

We spotted a deer in the canyon

Liv calls fireworks Peter Pan, gotta love this kid! How’s your summer been so far? Any exciting trips, or parties that rocked?

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