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His Favorite Things

Today is extra special because Violently Happy has it’s second guest post. L’s & G’s I am pleased to introduce, my better half…Antz!

Hello. Alright, so I’m not as good at this blogging jazz as my wife is but I’m going to give it a shot.  So, I think the first step to this is figuring out a theme.  Next, you have to think of a ingenious title to get folks curious enough to want to pop in and take read.  After that, you have to write about your topic in either a reflective manner, a funny or clever way or in a mocking, pessimistic tone.  After you’ve selected your approach, then its time to write.

Subject: Being a Home Body

Clever title:  Home is where your Fart is

Style:  Funny / Clever

Home is Where Your Fart Is

Sunday afternoon, hanging at home with the family is probably the bestest, most fun activity I can think of.  Lots of people may not be able to relate because they enjoy stepping out into the world and mingling with strangers.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do like the occasional hang out session with the homies and even a trip to a restaurant every now and again, but my main source of enjoyment comes from being at home in my play clothes, feet up watching T.V.  Preferably Jeopardy or Adventure Time.  Here’s a list of things you can do at home that you cannot do out and about (without consequence)

1. Fart

2. Not give a shit

3. Fall asleep

4. Not be bothered

5. Be at home

6. reach in the fridge and grab something for free

7. Did I mention, not give a shit?

Right now for instance, I’m watching Adventure Time, blogging, wearing my jams with my iPhone to the left of me reading FB or checking my text messages.  Olivia is running around in a pull up, taking a 24 pack of crayons one by one from the living room to her bedroom.  Liz went to grab us some lunch from Panda Express (for me) and Tommy’s for her.  I’ve got both ceiling fans turning and basically, not giving a shit.  Sounds good huh?

I don’t know much about blogging, but I think this is how.  Let me know what you think?

Maybe I’ll do more, maybe not.  No pressure.

Later Fans.


I love Antz handmade Finn grabbing Moobs tee!

Thanks my lovely, it’s so nice to have a male point of view. I am a lucky girl!

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