Gimme a Break!

I know I haven’t been posting as frequently as I usually do but this is my last week before Liv starts pre-school. This will be a busy week with back to school shopping, putting together Liv’s earthquake kit and labeling everything she owns. I’m a busy bee getting everything ready *her first day of school list is 3 pages long* but I’m super excited for the big day. I also would like to cross off a few more items on my Summer Bucket List, we are going to a pool party this weekend and we’re thinking of going to Balboa on Monday. On top of everything we had plumbing drama this morning *boo!* So I’ll be taking a mini break from blogging until next week. I am eager to get back to posting regular features *Mix Tape Fridays and My Favorite Things* and start sharing our kitchen makeover plans for next year. Is summer really over already? My poor lawn is still dead and brown. Winter is a better time to re-grow anyway.


Oh! the best news…Liv is seriously potty trained. Despite a pull-up at night, she hasn’t worn a diaper in a week. GO AWESOME LIVY!!!


Liv loves Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the original 1971
version) or as she calls it “Boompah!” so Antz hid a golden ticket in
the DVD case. She comes screaming to me “Mommy!! I found the Golden

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