Back to School!

So the end of Labor Day is drawing near and I am feeling bittersweet about this week. I am anxious and stoked for Liv’s first day of school but I also feel sad my little girl is growing up. It’s really unfair how you start off on a 24/7 relationship with your new baby, then gradually they grow and gain their independence. You actually miss doing everything for them. I am so blown away by how much personality Liv has. I am aghast with pride when I hear her make complete sentences, sing the A-B-C song or go to the bathroom unassisted. She can also operate an ipad like a pro! It’s a huge step for me and I can’t believe it’s here but I’m excited for her first day of school. Every morning she says to us, “Mommy, I go to school today!” It will be difficult for me to not cry.

She’s so big now Antz has to carry her on his shoulders

Our friend Keith had his annual pool party on Saturday and we had an excellent time. I love his pool, it’s saltwater and heated so we spend hours in there. Going to their house makes me want a pool BAD!

So we had to do some back to school shopping on Sunday. I really wanted to get Olivia this lunch bag.

Totoro Insulated Lunch Bag with Adjustable Strap

Of course it’s sold out so I thought we should try Little Tokyo village since that’s where I bought her Totoro plush. Turned out that place is out of business so we ended up at the Hello Kitty store. I am a major HK fan but I didn’t want to go the typically pink and girlie route with Liv. I was super tempted to get her Little Twin Stars but the light color would get filthy and I wanted a matching lunch bag and backpack. Here’s our winner:

Keroppi is classic and *hopefully* noone else will have it at her school.

I bought some super cute earrings for me and for Liv *although she isn’t getting her ears pierced until her 3rd birthday* but I couldn’t resist these adorable guys. I got Hello Kitty red bows and she got apples.


I made a donation and added my wish to this wishing tree. I hope it comes true!!


We had lunch at Tenno sushi, and someone chose to not use chopsticks. We shopped for some new clothes and I am ordering these shoes

Pinned Image
 adidas ‘Gazelle 2’ Sneaker, they are on backorder until October, Boo!
Converse 'All Star®' High Top Sneaker (Baby, Walker, Toddler & Little Kid) available at #Nordstrom
She’s already outgrown her low top converse so this time I wanted something other than black, love teal!
Hoy Shoe Salt-Water Sandals® (Baby, Walker, Toddler & Little Kid)
If I could, I’d buy her saltwater sandals in every color but Nordstrom is sold out of her size in beige, so we’re getting red.
 I just need to get a pair of shoes for her earthquake kit and to label everything and she’s all set. I decided to make good use of my free time while she’s in school. I’m going to swim laps for an hour, I figure I might as well get back on the workout wagon. How was your holiday weekend? Are you excited, or bummed about the new school year?
Oh! We didn’t go to the Wildlife Center cause it was too hot for Antz. I think we’ll go at the end of September when it gets cooler. We are planning a trip to the Los Angeles library and Angel’s Flight next week.



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