Thank Goodness our bed is all built because I was running out of bed-puns. It ‘twurn’t easy I’ll say that. Antz started building the bed at 9, I fell asleep pretty late since I was laying on the couch. Next thing I know he is telling me he is missing a piece and it’s almost 3am! Yikes! Those 4 drawers took forever to build *note to Ikea, some pre-assembly would be great* So this morning I had to go to Ikea to pick up the missing piece and voila!

Me and my lovely testing it out!!! Freaking SWEET!
We have to run and take a flying leap to get up there

Our bed was ready to go. Antz even moved the furniture around so we can access all four drawers. No more window side for us!!

I need to buy a bed skirt now, our old bed frame hid our box spring
Isn’t it awesome how lumpy our featherbed is? Wheeeee!
Sexy drawer action
We plan on relocating the printer soon.

It feels so different to have a bed that doesn’t squeak, OR stab us in the freaking shins OR has wood that we have to tape down. Tonight will be our first test drive if you know what I mean…wait, ew! Don’t be gross!

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