The First Day of Fall

Technically it was yesterday and we even had cooler weather. *finally under 100°
Last week Liv went to her first ballet lesson. The class is for 3 years
and up but Liv’s friend Tigerlilly goes and she’s 3 days younger
than Liv. I must have told Liv 50 times to listen to the teacher and follow directions. She kept telling me “Yeah, okay Mommy.”

She did well for about 5 minutes. Then she ran around in circles for a majority of the time.

I was dying of cuteness!

She was distracting the other little girls so much, the teacher held her while they did their positions. I am still undecided if I’ll take her to tomorrow’s class. We’ll see how she feels after school. Aimee and I are test driving her dream car. She hopes to get it in December.

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