This is Halloween

We enjoyed a weekend of doing nothing. No plans, we just stayed home and hung out in our dead backyard. It’s a weird feeling not driving my car for a whole 24 hours. Actually, we did go out for a minute to pick up a pizza. Sunday, Antz put up our Halloween decorations.


checking the twinkle lights


Last weekend we were busy hosting our houseguests. Evelyn & Dion spent the weekend with us while they are in town on vacation from the Peace Corps from Paraguay. It was so fun to see them. We went to the Beverly Hills farmers market. Ev & D are like celebrities with the vendors there. They all were so surprised to see them after 18 months.

Liv photo bombed them


It’s always rad times with these two! Friday night we stayed up late playing Wii Fit. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. We used my Living Social deal for the Wildlife Learning Center on Saturday. It was way in Simi Valley and super hot but luckily the place had tons of shade and we were only there for an hour.

That’s right folks, turtle porn right in front of your eyes!
Liv was positive that fake alligator was real
This was the cutest guy ever. He was a year old and by the time he turns 3, he’ll be 5 feet long and weigh like 200 lbs!
Liv wasn’t likin’ it

Out of all the awesome wildlife and everything we learning about animals, Liv was most impressed by seeing a tortoise poop. She stood there for like 20 minutes saying “Turtle poo poo!” Super fun Living Social deal for $13!!

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