Taco the Turtle

Last Thursday I took Liv to school and we discovered her school has a turtle named Taco! The school’s owner, Renae took Benny the bunny out of his house and let the kids hold him. I have owned 3 bunnies when I was a kid and they never liked being held. Benny is the a zen bunny. He is so docile and calm. He does these cool yoga bunny poses and was absolutely fine with toddlers holding him. Liv is normally afraid of him but she was brave and held him in her lap.

So cute! I have always wanted to get a rabbit for Liv but I have to wait until she’s at least 5 or 6. So while Liv was at school, I picked up Aimee and Holden and we went to Sprinkles ice cream. For the first time ever, there was no line.


Sprinkles ice cream is the BEST!
I LOVE this photo of Aimee *she is so stunningly beautiful*
Aimee & her baby

We then picked up Liv and went to the mall for lunch. Holden wore Liv in the Babyhawk while she was sleeping. I wish I took a picture because she is enormous, I can’t believe she still fits in that thing. I wonder if I should get the BabyHawk Oh Snap! which is for toddlers and we can wear her on our back. The Bugaboo stroller takes up so much space in my trunk, I’ve been leaving it in the garage so when we are out and I need it, I never have it, then Antz has to carry Liv *she is the heaviest 32 pounds*

I am excited this week because Thursday is Liv’s first parent/teacher conferences. I get an idea of how she’s doing through weekly emails but I would like to know how well she does with listening to her teachers and if she is doing well in her Spanish class *I can’t even get an “Hola” out of her* This Saturday we have 3 Halloween parties to attend! Luckily we finished our costumes last weekend so we’re good to go.

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