Trunk or Treat

This is the Halloween event Liv’s school is having on Wednesday. I signed up for it at Back to School night under the impression I would be helping with costumes or just passing out candy. Turns out I have to decorate the trunk of my car and all the kids will parade around the parking lot and pass out candy. I’m pretty stumped for ideas. My trunk is full of Liv’s car toys, extra jackets, bottles of water and other car junk. I was thinking of just putting in a black drape over the chairs, adding a few pumpkins and throwing my crystal ball witch back there.

She says witchy incantations and has an evil laugh when you make noise

Now I’m concerned that my witch may be too scary for the little ones. Liv loves her but she’s pretty hardcore about Halloween. I looked on Pinterest to get some ideas.

Trunk or Treat Example

Trunk or Treat idea

Trunk or Treat
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Pretty elaborate right? My trunk isn’t the kind that folds down but I can sit in it while I’m passing out candy. I’m thinking of matching the trunk to our costumes but that’s totally top secret. Have you ever heard of this Halloween tradition? Should I stick with my original idea and keep it simple or go all out with a matching themed trunk? Keep in mind this event is from 8 am – 9 am! I’m looking forward to a busy next few days. I was hoping to go see Paranormal Activity 4 with Antz if we find a sitter on Friday night. We have 3 Halloween parties on Saturday, Trunk or Treat, and Antz Halloween party at his job on Wednesday. That’s 5 different times we will be wearing our costumes!! Oh well, I love Halloween and we may as well get a ton of usage out of our lovely costumes.

Adventure Time!

Jake the Dog, Bmo & Lumpy Space Princess

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