WEST ELM just blew my mind!!!

West Elm is already the RADDEST furniture store ever. I have close to 75 items in my online shopping cart. I honestly get emails from them everyday reminding me I have items in my cart…I know guys, I’m poor! All reserved for when we buy my Dream House *hopefully in 2016ish* and I have $20k laying around in my checking account. So now they have upped the ante and have added the grand opening of West Elm Market.


When I saw the coveted Smeg fridge, I literally jumped up and down saying OMG! Like I won the lottery or something. I calmed myself down and started adding to my cart. So many goodies. It’s not fair, there is no way this awesome stuff will be available in 4 years. Would it be crazy lady if I started hoarding pieces now? Like a pink Smeg fridge stashed in the back of my closet?

Smeg Refrigerator

A Smeg is the Chanel of cold food storage. Sear’s sold them for $2,099 last year but they have completely sold out. My only option was going to be a third party vendor on Amazon *I only buy my appliances from reputable companies* The Smeg is super popular on Pinterest being featured in incredible kitchens that I’m sure are movie sets because there’s no way mere humans live that fabulously.




I am not a fan of stainless steel appliances. I prefer a more vintage *1950’s I Love Lucy style* cottage-y look in a kitchen. I will die if I don’t get a Smeg! I want one, NOW!!! Well played West Elm, you don’t know what a can of worms you’ve just opened.

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