Halloween 2012 Weekend

We just got home from our awesome friends, *newly engaged* Tom & Jess’s Halloween party. We tried to make it to our other friend’s party tonight but poor Liv was knocked out and we had a pretty long day. We started off the weekend with a Friday date night at the movies. We saw Paranormal Activity 4. Antz Mom babysat Liv and we decided it was time for her first sleepover at Gramma’s house. We picked her up the next afternoon and went to our first party of the day. My friend was hosting a meet and greet for LA mayor candidate Eric Garcetti. We wore our amazing Adventure Time costumes and took a photo with Eric *who was really loving us*.

I really hope he wins because he is awesome and has done a lot of good for Los Angeles. Vote for Eric Garcetti!!!

Our B-mo! *I sort of gave you a clue here*
If you want these lumps, you gotta put a ring on it!
You know, just two robots hanging out at the water table

We had a 2 hour break before we headed out for our next party. What time was it?


I will never master night time photography

Finn *Tom* & Princess Bubblegum *Jess* Tom told us the proposal story and I totally teared up.

 Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess & rad B-mo!

I LOVE Story’s Marceline, her axe is genius!
Kim fucking rules with her Large Marge costume *She made that awesome mask and that’s my creepy perv hand*

In case you don’t know the terrifying tale of Large Marge, here it is:

Pretty rad Walter & Jesse costumes

So tired but I wanted to get these photos posted since I’m planning on sleeping all day tomorrow. Fun times!

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