Happy Happy Halloween 2012

Trunk or Treat was rad! We were the second car to arrive at Liv’s school at 8 am. Antz decorated my trunk and everyone loved it!! At first Liv didn’t want to wear her costume but a quick candy bribe got it on pronto.

My animated candy bowl was a hit. Half the kids loved it and the other half were terrified of it!

I really liked this kid’s Aquabats costume

Olivia’s most incredible teacher!

The owner/director of Liv’s school. She’s lumpin’ awesome!

More photos to come…Happy Halloween Boils & Ghouls!

2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Halloween 2012

  1. Hi Yessenia,

    My husband said a few of the sticks we used to make the box shape are broken. You can replace them with ones found at Michaels craft store. What city are you in *zip code* so I can give you a quote with shipping? Do you have Paypal?


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