Pumpkins and Petting Zoo

We chose the hottest day of October to go to the pumpkin patch so, it was a brief visit. I also left my camera at home so I only had my iphone camera with 20% battery life. Way to be on the ball, Mom.

Wearing her vintage dress *seen here* and American Apparel tights

My darling really enjoyed chasing ducks, petting rabbits, guinea pigs and awesome chickens. Oh! I forgot the crazy goats too.

He had enough of her chasing the duck, so he caught it for her and Liv says “Put duck down!”

This chicken (Silver-Laced Sebright Bantam) is my favorite

These guys were nuts for feed, but they were very gentle
“Eat food, you goats!”

I accompanied Olivia in the bouncy obstacle course and realized I wasn’t as agile as I used to be. Thank goodness my camera died before Antz took any embarrassing photos.

My little pumpkin

We have a busy week ahead. I’m excited that my Mommy-in-law is spending the night tomorrow *for the first time ever* so she can come with us to Liv’s school for Wednesday’s trunk or treat. I still need to clean out my trunk and decorate it.

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