Liv’s Holiday Showcase 2012

Although it didn’t rain, we hit a snag with the show. My Mom spent the night so I dropped off Liv this morning and the plan was for my Mom and I to go to the school early (10:30) and save seats for Antz & Leslie who would meet us at 11. The show was supposed to start at 11:30. Well, I got to the school at 10:33 and the parking lot was already full. I had to block someone in and I ended up being blocked by 7 other cars. Then when we got inside the entire 10 rows in the front were taken. We were literally 3 rows from the back. I managed to save 2 seats for Antz and Leslie even though I got tons of dirty looks when people asked me if the seats were taken. I guess they wanted to take advantage that the rain had stopped because they started the show at 11am. I texted Antz immediately to hurry but sadly they arrived just as Liv’s class was finished with their song. Really disappointing. We snuck into her classroom so Leslie could say hello and give her a lovely bouquet of flowers. At least my Mom got these great shots because from where I was sitting *in Siberia* my shots were awful. I couldn’t hardly see Liv during her song because another child was standing in front of her. Her class sang “Frosty the Snowman” *you could barely hear them from where I was sitting* Liv says Krusty the Snowman.

Our seats in Siberia
How cute are these reindeer?
I was impressed by the elaborate costumes
Liv decided no smiling today
Leslie brought the star a bouquet
Grammy and Liv
Leslie and I coordinated, cause we’re awesome!

Don’t worry I got her to smile.

It’s worth the wait for a smile this bright

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