Large Lovely Families

I have been known to bash families with more than one kid. Let me say this, I like large families, I just don’t think it would work for me. Let’s take a look at my own family tree.

My Grandma Louise, My Mom Bobbye, Me *at 11 years old* and my awesome dog Cash

And there you have it. Of course I have a father, William, but my Mom raised me as a single parent. I have a handful of aunts, uncles, a cousin or two that I have seen a few times but this was my family core. No family reunions, huge Thanksgiving gatherings, bickering over the bathroom in the morning or awkward chit chat with relatives you see once every few years who pinch your cheeks and say how much you’ve grown.
Now my hubby, his family is massive. When they have a family get-together the crowd rivals Woodstock. Being a part of his life and family for the last 16 years I’ve grown accustomed to larger families. I never had that many people to care for and it was overwhelming for me at first. Then I enjoyed meeting new nieces and nephews, visiting relatives from LA to Mexico. I think having 3 sisters-in-law, countless cousins and uncles, and “this is the son of my sister’s daughter’s husband’s brother” is very cool. I sometimes wonder what life would be like with 3 or 4 children and sadly, I only see chaos. I meticulously make Liv’s lunch the night before and I couldn’t even imagine making specialized meals for 3 other children. As organized as I may seem, there are definitely days when I can’t find a shoe or Liv refuses to take a nap so I can’t wash dishes, clothes or even my hair. How do these Super Mom’s do it? I am terrible in the discipline department. I can’t scold Liv with a straight face and when I do get stern with her I am on the verge of tears. I thought I hated diapers but I despise taking a toddler to a public restroom even more. Or even having to clean a potty with a #2 *Yuck beyond belief* Well, obviously I’m only seeing one side of large family life. There are several amazing families who seem to have everything under control. Case in point…

The Blair Family – Design Mom *Sister to Jordan*

Gabrielle is mother is 6 lovely, well behaved, incredible children. She manages to feed, clothe, bathe, entertain, educate, and love them all while living in this amazing farmhouse in France! Following her family’s move from the States to Europe has been so inspiring. If she can do it with 7 people, I surely can handle Paris with just 3! She really proves the phrase “The more the merrier!

Bleubird Family


Now they may not be the largest family but James home-schools her two oldest and she takes care of a 2 year old *who is potty training* and an adorable 3 month old. She still manages to bake a cake every Sunday…from scratch. This family is moving from Texas to Tennessee and I still can’t figure out how she a. maintains her sanity and b. can afford to dress her children in the cutest clothes ever. The style and kindness that radiates from this family gives me a toothache from being so darn sweet.

Lastly my newest family crush, The Lyon Family


They say three kids is average but this is no average family. I recently found them from Bleubird and became smitten by the charm and silliness the Lyons exude. I guess it helps she’s a professional photographer and Dad is a producer for our favorite show. There’s something about big brother’s holding their little siblings that makes me melt. Seeing the photos of the bonds between these 3 siblings shows me there’s more than arguments, obligations and other family drama. It teaches me to not hold on to being selfish and learn to be selfless.

I do have my moments when I consider having another baby, so let’s just say I’m never going to say never. Babies are such blessings and I feel indebted for every day I spend with Olivia. Who knows what the future may hold for our family. Just please don’t ask me when!!

Here’s some photos of our day. Happy Weekend!

Toy shopping at Dinosaur Farm *so happy she’s on the mend from being sick*
Showing a dinosaur to a new friend
I finally used my Kate Spade pouch, I love it so much!! *I’m just terrified I’m going to somehow ruin it*
Thanks for being the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen in a bathroom
Rad store
Love these!
Being good
Antz styled her hair inspired by Carrie, looks very Tommy Ross
Negotiating with Liv to eat her pancakes
A visit to Sprinkles Ice Cream
All work and no play makes Liz a dull girl

P.S. Set your DVRs tomorrow is the Golden Globes and the season premiere of GIRLS!!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are ready for the 70th Golden Globe Awards

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