Happy New Year 2014!!

Last night we took the train with our friends to Grand Park in downtown. All Metro trains and busses were free from 9pm – 12:30am so there were tons of people but everyone was in a festive mood.

We arrived at 9:45 and it was crowded! I heard Grand park was at capacity at 10,000 people. There were lines for everything, to get a drinking bracelet, to get into the drinking area, then to buy drinks. There was a two hour line just to get into Starbucks. We were lucky to only wait 20 minutes to buy a bag of kettlecorn popcorn. We hung out and took photos but by the looks of things, we decided it was best to head home before pandemonium broke out. We squeezed our way through the crowds and just made a train before 11:40. Our train ride home was magic, some people got on board and began to decorate the train, play music, handed out hats and noisemakers and even brought a mini disco ball. We had a NYE celebration on the Gold Line! We arrived at our train stop, said our goodbyes to the party train and drove home with 30 seconds to spare before midnight. It was so exciting to go out and enjoy the city but we were so happy to have made it home safe and sound without having to endure the tremendous lines for the train and deal with all the loud drunks. Highland Park did not disappoint with a fireworks show on our front deck.

Liv’s hat was a hit!

I have so many plans for you 2014!
This was just a small fraction of the crowd, the park spans 5 blocks
The crowds were insane, au revoir!
The train station would have been packed had we waited a half an hour later
The train at Union Station was almost empty
Our party train!!
How cute is the mini spinning disco ball!!
Liv and I were dancing
Everyone was feeling festive!
Peace out Party Train!

We had a fun time ringing in the New Year! Apparently there were more folks there than I estimated. I am super stoked to start my e-course. We are having lunch with Story & Chris today and I get to finally see their baby’s nursery!! 

Happy Happy 2014!!
2014 Happy New Year Wishes in French

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