Hello Friends!

How have you been? Last weekend we went to a super fun birthday party for twins from Liv’s class. They had a party at Griffith Park next to the carousel *sound familiar?* I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do because, yep you guessed it, my camera battery died. Such a recurring theme for me. Liv had a blast and rode the carousel 3 times. I only managed to go once. When did carousels start spinning so fast? I got old lady motion sickness.

Kids go absolutely ape shit for balloons. I wonder why we adults even bother buying anything else. They played with these until they flew up into a tree. Then their Dad had to rush off and buy another set. *Note to self, make sure the balloons for Liv’s party are super anchored*
They are so cute!! I can’t believe everyone in her class is almost 3. Liv is the youngest in her class, yet the tallest girl. Everyone is shocked when I tell them her birthday isn’t until June.
Somebody takes their cake eating seriously.
Walt Disney used to take his daughters to this carousel and it provided inspiration for him to create Disneyland

Liv loved her birthday swag bag. I have a feeling we will have a full calendar in the birthday party department. Happy Hump Day!!

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