Maximo’s Toy Story Birthday Party

Yesterday Liv went to her friend from school Maximo’s 3rd birthday party. It was really fun, they had two bounce houses so the younger kids had one to their selves *but the big kids eventually took over and it got rowdy* The food was fantastic, yummy tacos and they had plenty of things to do. Liv and I painted piggy banks and Liv got tons of candy from the candy bar and the two pinatas! She was super hyper. It was really cute seeing her play with her friends outside of school. We just hung out while she bounced to her heart’s content. It was a great party, but we can’t find the silver heart brooch I pinned to her shirt *so lame, Antz told me not to put one on her too*

Antz made her candy bag, I really don’t want her to eat any more candy until Halloween
Ah-ha! Found a photo with her heart missing, we definitely lost it at the party 🙁
She caught some major air on this jump

Since they will be at the Cream tonight, hopefully I’ll buy another one. Here’s a video of last year’s Cream event.

The Cream LA from Geoff Boothby / Landshark on Vimeo.

I’m so excited because this year it’s held at a converted old church in downtown and I’ve always wanted to check out this venue. Huge blog post for tomorrow!!

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